Join the Business Fleet Program

Boost your employees happiness or offer your guests a more enjoyable stay with your personalised fleet of electric scooters from Blue Scooters.


Offer your employees, students or visitors a sustainable mode of travel.


Enhance your guests experience with a fun and convenient amenity.

Independent Operator

Build your own shared-use mobility system using our platform with either e-scooters or e-bikes

How it works

E-scooters & Pedal Assist E-bikes

The fleet of internet connected e-scooters can range in size from 1 to 2000+ vehicles. They can be branded to show your company logos or those of a sponsor. These scooters are specifically designed for extensive rental usage and have a list of safety features. This way, we can focus on boosting your employees and customers happiness from A to B. Compact docking stations are available upon request.

Award Winning Software

Our simple to use app allows for your chosen riders to locate a scooter and rent a ride with ease. 
Scooter fleet managers can set geo fences of where scooters can function, speed limits and even immobilise individual scooters. They can even track utilisation metrics too to maximise rental income.

Maintenance and Insurance

Your fleet is insured and maintenance is included to ensure the scooters are functioning smoothly. Fleet managers can quickly identify which scooters need maintenance via the operator dashboard.

Your dedicated fleet for your employees or customers

Always available, always maintained, always fully charged

One simple invoice

No matter how many employees use the fleet, as a company you will receive only 1 invoice per month.

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How to get started?

Sign up with Blue Platform and get your e-scooter or e-bike fleet for your commercial or residential property

Get in touch!

Let us know about your objectives by introducing sustainable transport options to your business, planned fleet size and location.


We will design you and deliver to your location a fully personalised e-scooter or e-bike package to suit your needs. 

Account Management

The friendly Blue team will help you keep your fleet fully operational. Any mechanical or software questions can be solved rapidly.

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